Assisted Living

Assisted Living Senior LivingAssisted living facilities combine housing, support services and healthcare as needed. Assisted living homes are sets of self-contained units (generally studios or two-room apartments), which come with collective and optional services such as catering or laundry care.

The design of assisted living properties varies and the tenant is obligated to pay a monthly rental fee for the services. This facility is most suitable for seniors and retired people who are able to live independently in a home, but occasionally need to be helped with some aspects of daily living or require medical attention.

Some daily living areas where elderly might require assistance include personal hygiene, medication administration, dressing and undressing, feeding, voluntarily controlling urinary and faecal elimination.

These facilities do not usually cater to people who need continuous nursing care. However, it is not uncommon to find people with advanced dementia and Alzheimer disease in assisted living facilities. Some states offer waivers and tax cuts to enable retirees and seniors to be able to afford living in these facilities.

When searching for a suitable facility for a loved one, always look out for one that offers 24-hour care and supervision and is situated in the vicinity of a hospital, so that there will be quick access to health services when required. Some assisted living facilities have qualified medical on staff, which means that the resident tenant does not always have to leave the premises except when critical hospital care is required.

Such homes are usually for the long term care, but they could also be used for shorter periods, for instance, after hospitalization, when such assistance is required for short stays.

When choosing assisted living facilities, consider your budget, the area, the type of care required, and the vibe of the place and staff. Below you will find the best assisted living places to retire based on diligent research.

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