Independent Living

Independent Living HomeThis is the option best suited for retirees and older people who can take care of themselves and their home, and are able to live independently without medical attention. If the concerned individual is able to dress up, drive, cook, clean, wash their own clothes, and take all his or her medication without help, then such person is considered a good candidate for senior independent living.

The independent living homes are usually apartments, condos, or small houses. The senior apartments usually have fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, but tend not to include any complementary domestic services. You are of course always able to hire independent help.

The most common type of an independent living center for the elderly and retirees is built in the form of retirement villages or retirement communities, where the residents can have group dinners and participate in social and recreational activities. Senior-friendly fitness programs may include lawn bowling, water aerobics, various fitness classes including yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, and even gardening. Other amenities may include stores, banks, common area to meet, chat, and play games.

When choosing independent living centers, consider your budget, the amenities, the area, and the type of services that you or your dear one will require. Below you will find the best independent living places to retire based on diligent research.

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Boise, Idaho

Cape Coral, Florida

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lexington, Kentucky

Mesa, Arizona

Raleigh, North Carolina


Burlington, Ontario

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Vancouver, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia