Nursing Homes & Long-term Care

Nursing Home Long Term CareNursing home facilities provide additional assistance with daily activities beyond what assisted living facilities provide, such as help with bathing and eating. In addition, nursing homes provide full-time care for the elderly including medical procedures and administration of medications. Unlike hospitals, however, residents of nursing homes are still free to come and go as they please.

If the patient has some sort of disability, which requires extended care and adequate surveillance, nursing home is the best for that purpose. A skilled nursing facility provides treatment, nursing, care and support for the elderly by trained medical staff within a protected environment. Senior citizens can receive various forms of dementia care, including Alzheimer’s disease related. A nursing home is designed to provide intensive care when your loved ones can no longer live independently due to age or illness.

There are also people in nursing homes who are terminally ill and in the final phase of their lives. They can get the intensive care that they cannot receive at home. In a nursing home, these people have more rest and attention than they would in a hospital.

When choosing the right nursing home, compare what specific health challenges the facilities are designed to accommodate and support. These could be for comatose patients, or individuals with respiratory, psychological or mental disorders. Below you will find the best nursing care facilities to retire based on diligent research.

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